Thursday, May 26, 2005

Apprentice TV Show star entertaining offers

Last week, Tana Goertz was a ball of nerves.
She was preparing for her interview with Donald Trump in front of 13 million television viewers.
Now, the No. 2 "Apprentice" candidate is entertaining several offers and reliving her moment in the spotlight.
"In the way they showed me ... 'this is so real.' They're portraying me the way it happened," Goertz told NewsChannel 8.
From Burger King to music auctions, Goertz was the star -- until week 12 of the show's competition.
While Craig and Tana slept, Kendra stayed up all night and singlehandedly designed the Magna team's winning brochure.
"That was my design and the camera crew and the producer had that on tape, but they showed me go[ing] to bed," Goertz said.
She said the Pontiac ad project was a turning point.
"So I think that was the way they wanted people to say, 'we've got to knock Tana down. We've got to start knocking her down because she's not going to be the one,'" she said.
But Goertz pushed on, making it to the final tough task of marketing New York City's Olympic hopes. She was proud of her performance, until she watched it on TV.
"I got a job offer from the CEO of NYC 2012 and I got a job offer from the AVP human resources project manager," she said.
Immediately after the event, then came the finale.
"Mark Burnett put his arm around my son and said, 'I just want to let you know: No matter what happens tonight in that final board room, your mother is always going to be a winner.' And Miles went to Kurtis and said, 'Daddy, Mommy's not going to get the job.'"
Her husband, Kurtis, is a meteorologist for NewsChannel 8.
Goertz said it was predetermined, and she went in there thinking that it wasn't.
The show's over, but business opportunities are just starting for the Des Moines reality TV star.
"It's just a matter of the right person approaching me with the right mix, and we can make anything a success," she said.


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