Saturday, May 14, 2005

Apprentice TV Show candidate bitter

Former Apprentice candidate Craig Williams knows the best person for Donald Trump’s apprenticeship won’t get it.
CRAIG DON'T PLAY THAT ... Apprentice contestant Craig, says he was let go by Donald Trump based on gender, not a lack of business skills.
The last male contestant, fired May 5, says the reason for that is simple — Trump wants a woman to win this year.
“Is the best person for the job going to win? No. Is the best women for the job going to win? I hope so,” says Craig.
After a number of interviews with high-ranking executives, Williams was fired last week for his poor communication skills. That, he says, came as a huge shock because he did exceptionally well in the one-on-ones, despite some clever editing by NBC.
“I don’t think anybody could have done a better job than me,” Craig says, adding he suspects he was let go based more on gender, than a lack of verbal skills.
“I just don’t think it was my season. If I had known it was going to be the women’s season, I would have picked another one to be a part of.”
Regardless of the reason, the 37-year-old shoe-shine business owner from Georgia was sent packing, leaving Kendra Todd, a 26-year old real estate broker, and Mary Kay saleswoman Tana Goertz, 37, to fight it out on The Apprentice’s two-part finale beginning May 12 and concluding May 19.
As part of the final task, Kendra is organizing the Best Buy Video Game World Championship with scatterbrains Michael, Danny and Erin from team Book Smarts.
Tana is running the NYC 2012 Athlete Challenge with former hot-tempered Street Smart members Brian, Chris and Kristen.
Craig says only one of the final two women is suited for the six-figure salary job.
“Tana is smart and can carry herself in any situation, whereas Kendra is shallow.
“If Mr. Trump wants a young lady who does well impressing 50-year-old men, then he should pick Kendra. You could get a Kendra by the dozen.”
As a business owner, emergency medical technician, firefighter, music executive, husband and father of four, Craig says he knows how to get along with people, but from the start, Craig and Kendra fought like cat and dog.
“I am a team player, but with Kendra, if I said yes, she would say no. She’s just an immature young lady — if she can’t have her way, she’s going to throw a fit. I don’t think that’s the type of person Mr. Trump wants working for him.”


Blogger brucebear said...

I'm sorry but Craig is totally delusional. There is no time in the whole task when he showed leadership accumen. Him and Tana's behaviour on the Pontiac task were inexcusable.

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