Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Apprentice TV Show Donald Trump goes back to school

After analyzing episodes of "The Apprentice" for their introductory business class, 48 freshmen from an Albany high school were treated yesterday to a face-to-face with The Donald himself.
Donald Trump scattered pearls of wisdom such as "Never ever quit, because quitters are losers," before two classes of business students from Shenendehowa HS, who wrote to him in February about what the show meant to them.
Students grilled Trump on what he wanted to be when he was young (a professional baseball player) and his greatest influence in business (his father).
"It was incredible," said an awestruck Justin Wilkes, 15, who posed for photos with Trump after the half-hour Q&A at the Trump Tower. "I can't believe it actually happened."
Trump said hundreds of schools and groups write asking to meet him, but the Albany kids "wrote this really beautiful, special letter — about how important 'The Apprentice' was to them."
"I would hire them — they're hired!" Trump quipped after the session.
Teacher Dan Smith said the class started watching "The Apprentice" once a week in class as a break in routine.

"Then I noticed how some of the kids started to tie things we learned to the show," Smith said. "After that, we started to watch it more often and I decided to do a project where they would write letters to Mr. Trump.
"E-mails started going back and forth, and here we are. They think he was great. They're really excited. I think they realized that things they learn in school can actually be applied in real life."


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