Saturday, April 23, 2005

Apprentice Show leads to job offers

It's all over when Donald Trump says, "you're fired." But for Stephanie Myers it was only the beginning of better things to come."Once you get fired, that's when all the fun begins," said Myers, the Tempe native who made the "Elite Eight" on NBC's The Apprentice. "Doors can open up for you."Myers said her business integrity may have gotten her fired from Trump's show and a shot at a six-figure "dream job" with the real estate tycoon. But since leaving the infamous Trump Towers boardroom in Manhattan, Myers said she's been bombarded with speaking engagements, endorsement deals, media inquiries and job offers.

Although Myers, 29, still works full-time as an IBM consultant in San Diego, Calif., she's getting more than her 15 minutes of fame. She's slated to appear with Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, on America's Top 40 Live this Sunday. On a recent trip to Newport Beach, Calif., with her boyfriend for some relaxation, Myers said she couldn't go anywhere without being recognized."It's worse when they just stare," said Myers, who's comfortable in the spotlight. She also has a Web site ( and keeps in touch with fans.On her last episode, Myers was criticized for wasting time to deliver Domino's pizza to a construction site in Brooklyn. Her team made less money and lost the competition, which pitted the "book smart" and "street smart" contestants against each other.Viewers didn't realize the team couldn't take a taxi and the order had already been placed, said Myers."I'm a business woman first. I didn't want to sacrifice the Trump legacy over $60," said Myers, who graduated from Arizona State University's W. P. Carey School of Business in 1997. "I don't have any regrets and wouldn't change anything."Her father, Jerry Myers, said: "She's always been an achiever and worker. In the real world, she can fire someone who's not performing." Myers enjoys keeping busy and working under pressure and said she's lucky to get five hours of sleep most nights. Still, Myers said her experience on the show was valuable. She only feared being the first one to be fired."Before you succeed, you often fail," said Myers.She said she had fun on the show joking with the other contestants and talks to former cast members Erin and Kristen regularly.During one episode both teams made commercials for a Dove soap product. Myers remembers her team, which made a sexually suggestive ad, working at 2 a.m. and downing shots of vodka.She didn't always find the editing of the show to be an accurate portrayal of her - a negative team leader and spoiled rich girl. A competitor in one episode said Myers' father owned a $45 million jet but it was a company jet she had flown on with family.Myers advice for future Apprentice contestants: "just stay low and under the radar. Those are the guys still in it right now."As a child, she idolized Trump and even had his board game. She was in awe of him but not intimidated in their first meeting."He's a nice person - very much a jokester," said Myers. "Contrary to belief, he does have feelings."Myers said she's keeping busy lining up corporate speaking engagements and possible endorsements."Being fired isn't a failure," said Myers.


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