Friday, April 15, 2005

Apprentice Show star still in demand

Amy Henry, star of the first season of "The Apprentice," will address why creativity is important in the business world and how it makes a difference Wednesday in Rudder Tower. "Amy is a successful businesswoman. We saw her in 'The Apprentice.' As a club of the American Creativity Association, we want to promote creativity as much as we can," said April Barrera, a sophomore biomedical science major and chair of membership relations of Texas A&M Chapter of the American Creativity Association (TAMU-ACA), which is sponsoring the event.Henry, a graduate of the Mays School, is known for her appearance on the NBC show "The Apprentice." Before the show, she reaped millions in stock options in the dot-com boom, but her net worth plummeted with the dot-com bust, according to Henry has worked for the SABRE Group, Commerce One and BetweenMarkets - all high-tech companies. She started her own business in consulting and public speaking after the bust, and she gradually made some success, according to She has also appeared on the Today Show, the Tonight Show, Larry King Live and Fox News, and published her own book, "What it Takes: Speak Up, Set Up, Move Up." Henry's corporate clients included IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and Eastman Chemical, according to her own Web site. Henry described herself on the NBC Web site as a formidable businesswoman and said her role models are Donald Trump and Martha Stewart. William Wurtz, a TAMU-ACA counselor, said Henry uses a lot of creative thinking to come up with solutions and innovations, as in her use of her celebrity in doing business."She is a star," Wurtz said. "She has her own companies and national clients, and she is a graduate of Texas A&M."


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