Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Apprentice TV Show has Global effect.

A whopping 30,000 wannabe entrepreneurs across South Africa have entered The Apprentice business reality TV show. And organisers have already eliminated all but 60, who have made the cut for the initial short list. The commissioning editor of SA's The Apprentice, Patrick Kelly, says the auditions looked at the personality of working in a group and the candidate's ability to think laterally. "We are now in our final stage to choose 16 candidates from the remaining 60." "The process is rigorous and quick. Everything is on track and on time, by the 16th of June the show will start being televised," he said. In the second round of auditions, the organisers will be looking for people who can be good on television. "We want people that the audience will identify and engage with." "Background in business is also important since the winner will be taking a fairly senior position in one of Tokyo Sexwale's companies - which is still to be announced," says the show's publicity manager, Michael van Dyk. "The show will test their negotiation skills and ability to lead." The film shoot starts this month. "The shooting will take place in the Johannesburg City Centre, around the financial district," says Van Dyk. "Contestants will … be given tasks that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of South Africa like selling boerewors or getting people into a taxi." Sexwale is one of the leading faces of black economic empowerment and his business empire stretches from mining and energy to hotels, transport, telecommunications, property, health, banking and financial services. He was the premier of Gauteng. He sees the show as a way of sharpening the skills of local entrepreneurs and an opportunity to discover fresh business talent. The show, which is a local version of the American one featuring business mogul Donald Trump and which had plenty of tears and temper tantrums to keep viewers riveted.
The show will be aired once a week every Thursday at 8.30pm on SABC3. Sexwale, CEO of Mvelaphanda, will boot out the unsuccessful contestants in the elimination rounds


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