Thursday, April 05, 2007

Apprentice TV Show contestants still a couple

One never knows about those reality show romances, but a high-profile one -- with a local connection -- apparently is still on track.Tim Urban, who heard Donald Trump's immortal words, ''You're fired!'' on Sunday's show, tells he and Naperville real-estate broker Nicole D'Ambrosio are still very much a couple, long after taping ended.''Ten months later, we're still together, if you can believe that. [On TV] you're looking at the rockiest time we ever had, but we had kind of made up by the time I got fired. [As of this week, Nicole's still in the running.] ''We said, 'Let's not let this be a huge thing,' because after all those months together, we were really quite tight.''When a wag joked about publicity-obsessed Trump ''salivating'' at the possibility of ''The Apprentice Wedding'' between D'Ambrosio and Urban, the potential groom wasn't too enthusiastic about adding to The Donald's PR cavalcade of promotion.''Yeah, but I don't think I like Trump nowadays, so I don't know.''


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