Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free Trump University Teleseminars Featuring Former Apprentice TV Show Winners

Free Trump University Teleseminars Featuring Former Apprentice Winners:
Sean Yazbeck
Kendra Todd
Randal Pinkett
Tenacity. Boldness. Business Smarts. Drive and Enthusiasm. Think you've got what it takes to win The Apprentice? These former contestants do, and have the privilege of reporting to Donald Trump to prove it! While on The Apprentice, just like in the real business world, these former contestants faced unprecedented challenges, not to mention the judgmental eye of business icon, Donald J. Trump. But all four prevailed, not only on the show, but in their professional lives. So what are their secrets to business success? Now you can discover their hard-earned lessons and apply them to your own career today!
Trump University proudly presents The Apprentice Winner Speaker Series...
Sharing insights informed from their professional lives and The Apprentice, these featured speakers represent a wide range of opinion and professional experience. Listen in and experience lively discussions on real estate investing, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and what it takes to work for Donald Trump.
We invite you to dial in to hear more about Sean, Randal's, and Kendra's fascinating journey to ultimate success; where you are sure to pick up a few tactical pointers along the way.


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