Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apprentice TV Show contestant preparing for World Hockey Championship

Angela Ruggiero of Harper Woods successfully kept her big secret for nine months.
The world wanted to know how she fared on NBC's hit reality show, "The Apprentice," but Ruggiero couldn't reveal a thing.
The mystery was solved Sunday, as Ruggiero became the 10th contestant fired this season by Donald Trump.
"I think (the firing) was tough for him, and tough for me," said Ruggiero, who also is a three-time Olympic ice hockey medalist.
Ruggiero spoke publicly about her "Apprentice" experience for the first time Tuesday. She was under a pretty serious gag order by NBC, facing a $5 million penalty if she prematurely revealed anything. The show was taped in June and July in Los Angeles.
She was the project manager for the losing Kinetic team, which was tasked to sell theme park tickets for Universal Studios. The Arrow team vastly outsold Kinetic, and Ruggiero ended up taking the fall for the marketing miscues.
She termed her time on the show as "intense," both from the pace of filming and the hyper-aggressiveness of fellow contestants. Ruggiero walked away with a positive experience, as Trump told her to contact him for future job opportunities.
Ruggiero is training for the World Championships, which will be played in Winnipeg from April 3-10. She watched the episode with U.S. teammates, crammed into a hotel room in Grand Forks, N.D.
But she couldn't even tell them what was about to happen.
"When they heard the sound that Trump was about to fire me, they got all upset, saying 'No! No!'" Ruggiero said, laughing. "People threw pillows at the TV. If anything, it was nerve wracking. But I got a lot of hugs."


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