Friday, September 02, 2005

Donald Trump icks Apprentice TV Show candidates

Donald Trump says he personally chose 17 of the 18 competitors for the fourth season of his NBC reality TV show, "The Apprentice."
Trump told the New York Times he was "angry" throughout season three, because production staff ignored the people he chose during open casting calls.
When shooting began and he saw the cast for season three, "I went through the roof," he said.
This time, Trump said, he took no chances. He conducted face-to-face interviews with all 200 finalists, he said.
When the season kicks off Sept. 22 on NBC, viewers will see a former stripper, a former pro football player, a Rhodes Scholar and a farmer among the competitors.
"This is the best reality show cast I`ve ever encountered," Trump bragged. "They have it all: beauty, brains and big bucks."


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