Thursday, May 05, 2005

Apprentice Tv Show to feature New York Olympic bid

New York’s 2012 Olympic bid will be featured on the May 12 episode of the hit reality show “The Apprentice 3”.According to the U.S. television network NBC’s programming notes, “(one of the show’s finalist’s) who is in charge of the NYC2012 Athlete Challenge, is responsible for the Governor of New York, George Pataki, and has trouble locating an American flag”.The athletic challenge could be connected to the 51st Annual Bishop Laughlin Games that were held at the 168th Street Armory in New York on December 18, 2004 – an event sponsored by NYC2012 on a date that closely coincides with the taping of the episode. However, due to the secret nature of reality television shows, this information could not be confirmed.New York real estate magnate and billionaire Donald Trump both produces and stars in “The Apprentice”, a reality television show that is described as “the ultimate 16-week job interview” where the winner is hired to head up one of Trump’s companies. The candidates compete weekly on projects, often for major international companies, which gives the show unique and powerful co-branding opportunities.This season the show successfully partnered with recognized brands such as Home Depot and Pontiac, and both companies bought network commercial time to further leverage the opportunity. There is no word on whether NYC2012 will do the same.“The Apprentice” remains one of NBC’s most popular shows and regularly entertains over 13 million American viewers per week, and more worldwide. The final episodes of the first two series that aired in 2004 were watched respectively by 40 million and 20 million viewers in the U.S., according to Nielson ratings.The NYC2012-Apprentice partnership was inevitable. The show is set in New York and serves as a showcase of the landmarks and business opportunities in the city. Donald Trump is a strong supporter of New York’s Olympic bid and NBC is the official U.S. television network of the Olympics, already owning the broadcast rights to the 2012 Games.
The project involving NYC2012 will begin during tomorrow's (May 5) episode and will play out on the May 12 show.


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