Friday, April 01, 2005

Apprentice TV Show Goertz writes children's book

Since the latest season of "The Apprentice" began, contestant Tana Goertz's friends have stopped referring to themselves as friends. They're now fans."I own a couple of businesses," said Jan Castagnoli, 53, of Waukee, a longtime Goertz pal. "I'd love to have her on my team any day of the week. No matter how much pressure there is, Tana stays very cool."Goertz's aerobic instructor, Michelle Yarger, 30, of West Des Moines has started an official "Apprentice" viewing party at Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday nights.
Goertz's fans gather to cheer her on, hoping she'll be the only one of the original 18 Trump flunkies to not be fired.She's one of only seven remaining."A couple of weeks ago, Trump said, 'I should get rid of everyone but Tana.' She's going to make it far - she's got the personality," said Yarger, who works at Rock Bottom and received permission from her manager to host the parties. Like other women at the party, she wears a black "Hey Tana!" T-shirt, which Goertz is marketing through the Web site www.hey
Goertz, of West Des Moines, is a Mary Kay saleswoman and mother of two children. She's married to KCCI-TV weather forecaster Kurtis Gertz. Tana Goertz recently wrote a children's book called "I'm Bigger Than This." She was cast on the third season of "The Apprentice," a reality TV show where players live in a New York City penthouse and compete in business challenges to win a one-year post with one of Trump's enterprises. The show has become famous for Trump's pouty-lipped tag line, "You're fired."
"Tana's the laid-back, quiet one," said a fan of the show, Dan Deatsch, 39, of West Des Moines, who was at Rock Bottom Brewery on a recent "Apprentice" night. "If you sit back and keep your mouth shut, it's a good thing."Friends say Goertz, 37, is the kind of woman whose personality fills rooms, but she has survived on "The Apprentice" by keeping a low profile."The Tana I know operates at a level 10," said Clark Buss of Clive, who came to the Rock Bottom event with his wife, Anna, and daughters. The family has watched this season of "The Apprentice" together.
"The Tana the public is seeing operates at a level five. She's more restrained," he said. "TV can't capture the enormity of her personality."Goertz, who's back home now that the show is done taping, isn't able to talk about the show to any media, and she can't discuss events on the show until after they air. Anna Buss said she has been amazed by her friend's ability to keep quiet."When she showed us that audition tape, we knew it would happen for her," Buss said. The two women got together after the show was done filming, and Goertz kept completely quiet about what had happened on the show. "The amount of composure has been pretty incredible. She has barely even talked about it."


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