Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free teleseminar with Apprentice TV Show winner

Kendra Todd, the first woman hired by Donald Trump as the winner of the NBC television show, The Apprentice, and a nationally recognized real estate agent and investor, will be the guest speaker Friday, July 27th at a free teleseminar presented as part of National Retirement Planning Month.
According to Bill Losey, creator of National Retirement Planning Month, and host of the teleseminar, Kendra's background in real estate investment makes her the perfect person to talk to baby boomers about real estate investing as part of their retirement fund asset allocation.
Kendra, who is host of HGTV's television show, My House Is Worth What?, is also an expert on risk, which she discusses in her best selling book, Risk & Grow Rich. "Kendra has made it her mission to help others reach financial freedom, which is a subject my listeners are enthusiastic about.
"Real estate is another option available to diversify a retirement investment portfolio. However, many people are afraid of the risks they perceive is part of real estate investing. Because of Kendra's expertise, she's able to provide our baby boomer listeners with information about the importance of taking risks. At the same time, she knows what steps to take to minimize risk when evaluating real estate as part of a retirement portfolio," continues Losey.
"I was prompted to start National Retirement Planning Month in July because it is the month we celebrate the freedom we enjoy as a result of the risks our forefathers took in July 1776," states Losey. "Yet many of us don't have financial freedom. Real estate is an option to explore when considering portfolio diversity."
Asset allocation is one of the subjects Losey covers in his upcoming book, Retire in A Weekend! The Baby Boomers Guide to Making Work Optional, being released in November 2007.
Friday's teleseminar with Kendra Todd is the third in a series of educational calls in July hosted by Bill Losey as part of a campaign to educate and encourage baby boomers to start thinking about their retirement from a financial and lifestyle point of view.
For additional information about the teleseminar, including the phone number, visit National Retirement Planning Month. Find out more about Kendra Todd at http://www.kendratodd.com/.


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