Monday, June 04, 2007

Apprentice TV Show winner & HGTV star teams with Cable Movers Hotline

HGTV star of "My House is Worth What?" and winner of "The Apprentice," Kendra Todd has teamed-up with the Cable Movers Hotline to help movers take the right steps once they decide on their next address. The Cable Movers Hotline is a free service offered by cable companies to help movers change their cable, phone and internet services to their new address in one easy step.
"Working in real estate over the years, and now with my HGTV program, I've seen the stress that is involved with the decision of buying and selling a home, and in signing the stacks of paperwork," said Todd. "Now, along with the Cable Movers Hotline, I'm able to help movers avoid some of the stress that naturally comes after the paperwork is signed and it's time to prepare for the move."
Todd offers easy, common sense tips to relieve some of the pre-moving and moving day stress: -- Two-In-One: Use household items to protect breakable objects. For
example, put placemats between dishes and wrap crystal in dishcloths. Not
only do you secure your items, you cut down on the number of boxes to move
and you save money on packing materials.
-- Just In Case: Pack an emergency overnight bag with a change of clothes
and any emergency numbers you might need.
-- Load-last Carton: Place difficult to locate items such as furniture
hardware or the remote control in a plastic sealable bag. Add a label and
put it in your "load-last" carton.
-- Clear the Clutter: Clear things out before moving them to a new
location. If you don't need it, get rid of it.
-- Get Connected: Remember to call your utility and service providers
(cable, gas, electric, etc.) ahead of time to disconnect services at your
current home and connect them at your new address. To transfer your cable,
phone and Internet services, simply visit or call the toll-
free Cable Movers Hotline ® (877-9TV-MOVE).
-- Mark it: Be sure to mark each box clearly, indicating its contents and
the room that it belongs in. Use a dark, thick pen or marker that is easy
to read.


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