Friday, September 15, 2006

Apprentice TV Show star shares her success story with students

Roxanne Wilson said students should "dream big," but few Baylor students ever end up as national television stars.
Maybe she took her own advice to heart.
The Hankamer School of Business and the newly formed Baylor Business Women's League welcomed the reality-show star and Baylor alumna Thursday to share her experiences both at Baylor and on NBC's The Apprentice.
Wilson's visit marked the debut of Baylor Business Women, which was established to "empower Baylor business women beyond the school," said Dr. Blaine McCormick, associate dean for undergraduate programs.
After graduating from Baylor in 2000, Wilson returned Thursday to discuss three major principals she said she learned from Baylor and has applied to her life since graduating.
"Baylor is the best incubator for leadership," Wilson said.
As a student at Baylor, Wilson took up her first leadership role, serving as President of the Baylor University Chamber of Commerce. Even her initiation into the organization took leadership -- she was the first female to become a member of the Chamber.
"If you don't walk though every door opened for you, you will not succeed," she said.
After her graduation, Wilson continued her studies at the University of Michigan Law School and began her career working as a lawyer in Austin. Wilson then learned a major lesson: "True leaders are those who are wiling to serve."
Last year, the Baylor Alumni Association contacted Wilson asking her to apply for The Apprentice.
Wilson said she chose to apply because she would never know the outcome if she didn't try.
Once on the show, Wilson managed to stay long enough to become one of the final four contestants.
Wilson said she attributes her success to a strong reliance on faith.
"I could not be where I am today if I didn't know who I was," said Wilson.
She said students should be careful to maintain their faith as they enter the work force.
Wilson said she wanted every student to leave with one idea: "Dream big and take every opportunity you're given," she said.
Though she's also working on a motivational book based on her prayers during her stay on the reality show, Wilson will continue touring colleges, speaking to students about her successes.


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