Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Apprentice TV Show sidekicks feuding?

Donald Trump aide George Ross says he does not feel sorry for Carolyn Kepcher, who was recently fired by Trump himself.
'Do I think her becoming a major national star went to her head? Was she affected by it? Yes,' Ross told 'Good Morning America.'
But it seems that the 78-year-old Ross has been out building hype for his book 'Trump-Style Negotiation,' and has often been spotted leaving the office to do paid speaking engagements.
One of Ross`s assistants said the man who sits on Trump`s right during 'The Apprentice' only has eyes for serving Trump as best he can, and that he`s 'an ace at what he does,' TMZ.com reported.
In reaction to Ross`s comments, Kepcher said on MSBNC, 'I`m shocked. I find it very ironic, to say the least. But again, good for George.'


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