Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apprentice TV Show star casino on the rise

For a man whose company has made the arduous climb out of Chapter 11 reorganization, Donald Trump is surprisingly buoyant. "It's going really well," Trump told The Associated Press of his casino and hotel operations. "Business has been very good. People love the buildings. And the stock price is up. The numbers are good now, and they'll get better and better." Trump Entertainment Resorts (nasdaq: TRMP - news - people ) had looked a little less promising last year with reportedly dirty carpets and shortages of prosaic items like vacuum cleaners earlier last year. But luck may now be turning for the well-manicured star of The Apprentice on General Electric (nyse: GE - news - people )-owned NBC. All that was needed, it seems, was a little spring cleaning. According to the AP, Trump's casino company is now aggressively trying to regain lost ground. With new management in place ( See "Trump Names CEO For Atlantic City Casinos") and money to spend, Trump Entertainment Resorts is quite literally getting its houses in order--renovating rooms, adding restaurants and spending money on employee cafeterias and new uniforms. Customers are now on the rise, as are tips for casino employees along with the erstwhile vacuum cleaners. Thirty of the vital appliances have now been bought for the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. And most crucially, the greenbacks are rolling back in. Trump Entertainment has earned $3.2 million in its first full quarter since the Chapter 11 revamp. Perhaps not a major advance by casino industry standards, but a sign that for the billionaire real estate magnate with a reputation to keep, that things are looking up.


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