Thursday, December 15, 2005

Apprentice TV Show odds change

Randal opens with -400 odds, but drops to +117 underdog while Rebecca is now listed with -133 odds.
Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 14, 2005 -- The final week of the 4th season of Apprentice is upon us. It's down to two very talented and extremely intelligent candidates in next week's finale, Randal and Rebecca."Although both candidates have been successful throughout the series, Randal's impressive resume and standout performance in the tasks to date give him a clear edge over Rebecca," said Simon Noble of, in a statement issued early last week. And while Randal opened as a strong favorite to win going into last week's challenge, the betting public seems to have sent the odds down tremendously.Last week when opened betting on The Apprentice: Donald, Randal was at -400 and Rebecca at +350 to win the job with The Trump Organization. The company closed betting on Thursday evening before the show aired with Randal -403, Rebecca +353. On Monday, Pinnacle re-opened wagering with Randal at -300 and Rebecca +260 because both candidates face obstacles in their final tasks, but Randal’s seems more daunting as Mother Nature is threatening the entire event. As of 11:00 am EST Tuesday, Randal was still at -200 while Rebecca was at +180, but now an influx of recent bets have pushed the lines in Rebecca’s favor, according to Pinnacle Sports. As of Tuesday afternoon, Rebecca is now the -133 favorite while Randal is +117 dog. In a statement issued by Tuesday afternoon to, a representative from the company commented that "It appears that bettors believe the problems facing Randal are greater than Rebecca needing to find a replacement emcee for her event and this will sway Trump’s ultimate decision."The Donald has been criticized at times for his tendency to hire white males. On last season's Apprentice, Trump hired his first female apprentice. Trump is yet to select an African American. Randal is clearly one of the strongest candidates to ever appear on the show, regardless of race or gender. But then again, Rebecca is no slouch either, having worked her way to the Final Two much of the season on crutches after suffering an injury during an earlier episode."Both are highly intelligent and driven individuals," commented Christopher Costigan, Founder and President of "But like other Apprentice candidates before them, neither is without their flaws."And though Rebecca might be seen as somewhat of a "charity case" with those crutches, it was Randal who made the tough choice to stay after his grandmother passed away during filming of the show. Randal was especially close to his grandmother and the Donald showed a soft side by ultimately allowing his candidate to fly via helicopter to attend her funeral in Philadelphia.Both Rebecca and Randal appeared to be the strongest candidates coming into the Final Four, though 31 year old Alla Wartenberg may easily have given either one of them a run for their money. The one-time stripper turned multi-millionaire owner of a chain of upscale salons and day spas was considered "too difficult to lead" by the Donald.Meanwhile, trailers for the final episode seem to show Rebecca holding her own as project manager, which may in essence have affected the odds.


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