Friday, December 30, 2005

Apprentice TV Show star contemplates future

"Apprentice" star Rebecca comes home to contemplate future

Just two weeks after Rebecca Jarvis charmed America as the runner-up on NBC's "The Apprentice", the Saint Paul Academy graduate was back in Minnesota weighing her options.Her poise and performance on the network reality show may have surprised some, but not her former co-performers on KARE11's "Whatever" show. During a three year stint on the teen-reported program, she held her own, often opposite seasoned, professional reporters. "I hope I held my own," she commented on Thursday, standing on a deck overlooking the Mississippi River. "You know, I think one of my, one of those interviews where you kick yourself after the interview, you just really with you had held your own more was when I was 15 and I interviewed Jesse Ventura and after that interview, I was like, why didn't I really just stick it to him. I could have really nailed him."Rebecca was being a bit vindictive in her reminiscing but in the 1997 interview on the Champlin Park High School football field, then gubernatorial candidate Ventura was dismissive. "What are we doing out here right now," the then high school sophomore asked the former wrestler. His reply bordered on rude, "Well, I don't know what you're doing our here but I'm getting ready to coach high school football."It was a much more mature Rebecca Jarvis who faced Donald Trump in the finals of "The Apprentice.""When I went on the Apprentice," she explains, "I went by Rebecca. I knew I was going to be one of the youngest people there (she was 23) and I didn't want people thinking of me as little Becky."The most dramatic moment of the program wasn't when Trump praised but passed over Rebecca in favor of her competitor, it was when Trump asked the already winner, if there should be two winners this season. "If you were me, would you hire Rebecca also?" The studio audience cheered the thought, but Randall was unmoved. "Mr. Trump, I firmly believe that this is the Apprentice. There is one and only one apprentice." The crowd booed and Rebecca became the nation's instant favorite. She says she's not bitter about Randall's comment. She says she had at least 20 job offers before the show's finale. Even Yahoo, the internet service, made her an offer, live on the "Today" show, the next morning. The Chicago based financial writer says she is continuing to talk to Yahoo and dozens of others companies. Several Fortune 500 firms have offered her leadership positions and there have been approaches about broadcast journalism. She studied the Minneapolis skyline and sighed, "It's nice to come home to Minnesota right now because I'm kind of in a place where I can actually consider those offers and really think about them seriously."But she did take time to talk with a teen reporter for her old program on KARE 11. "I just remember, having fun, mostly with 'Whatever'." It was abundantly clear that sometimes, nice people can finish second and it's just fine. By


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