Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apprentice TV Show star Trump signs cell phone deal

It's hard to trump this feature.
Business tycoon Donald Trump is speaking up on cell phones.
``The Apprentice'' star yesterday announced an agreement with Warner Music Group to offer his voice and image for ring tones and cellular video.
Customers can download some motivational voice ring tones from Trump, including:

``You're getting a phone call, and believe me it better be important. I have no time for small talk, and neither do you.''

``Why not answer the phone? You could be missing out on some really big business.''

``What are you going to do, listen to me all day?''
The service is already available on T-Mobile, and will be available on Sprint Nextel on Thursday and on Cingular Wireless next Monday.
Warner Music Group's Rhino Entertainment division is also creating more than 75 Trump-related cell phone extras, including wallpaper and recorded video clips.


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