Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Former Michigan State University student to appear on Apprentice TV Show?

A former Michigan State University student may soon make a big impact on "The Apprentice."
The new round of the NBC show doesn't start until Jan. 7, but an advance sampling makes one thing clear: Early on, the strongest figures are Frank, from the Bronx, and Heidi, from MSU.
"Heidi is extremely smart," Donald Trump, the show's sole arbiter, said by phone today. "Heidi has a lot of finesse; Frank has less finesse, but he has great passion."

Early on, Frank is seen battling with some of his teammates. Heidi is seen praising all of hers.
"Don't underestimate Heidi," said Ivanka Trump, who is her dad's top aide on the show. "She's a very strong person."
Early information on the show is sparse and doesn't include last names. It says Heidi grew up in Unionville (a Thumb town that now has 605 people) and began modelling at 13. She studied at the University of Michigan branch in Flint and at MSU.
She went into the aerospace industry and is now an international sales manager, living in Santa Monica, Calif. Now she's 26 and - with Frank - a key part of the early episodes.
"They're both extremely strong people," Donald Trump said, "but in different ways."
There was an MSU alumnus in the original "Apprentice." That was Jason Curis, who was the second person ousted.


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