Sunday, December 17, 2006

Apprentice TV Show winner is getting married

Forget that Trump character—original Apprentice champ Bill Rancic's found somebody he'd rather partner with: E! News' Giuliana DePandi.
Rancic proposed to DePandi Friday night during a cozy helicopter ride over his hometown of Chicago. He sealed the deal with some deep-dish pizza, champagne, chocolate cake and a generous sprinkling of rose petals.
The couple, who have been dating for nearly a year, are planning a late 2007 wedding in DePandi's native Italy, she says.
It will be the first marriage for both.
Although DePandi and Rancic first met when she interviewed him following his Apprentice hiring in April 2004, they didn't get romantic until earlier this year. During an interview for a Boys & Girls Club charity event, DePandi asked Rancic onair if he was dating anyone. He said no and, when the cameras stopped rolling, asked her out.
Rancic, 35, has worked in various capacities for the Trump Organization since his reality show win, and will again appear as one of Donald Trump's sidekicks during the upcoming season of The Apprentice, which kicks off Jan. 7.
DePandi, 31, anchors E! News opposite Ryan Seacrest


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