Friday, June 10, 2005

Apprentice TV Show Star Trump makes Canadian stop

Guess what The Donald said to the agent who advised him against making The Apprentice deal with NBC because it would be a loser of a show and a huge embarrassment?
"You're fired!''
At least that's the anecdote Trump related when he made a surprise guest appearance at Global Television's fall launch event Wednesday.
Trump and a small entourage flew up from New York in his private jet and flew right back again. But not before giving an auditorium full of Global clients a delightful jolt.
Global had promised a surprise guest and then Trump strode onstage to promote a new season of his hit reality show.
He handily rattled off an ad lib speech in which he told how the show opened in 10th place and quickly shot to No. 1 in the U.S. ratings, at which time he began negotiating "Friends-type'' remuneration from the network, a reference to the million-dollar paycheques the stars of the departed sitcom managed to acquire.
He said producer Mark Burnett persuaded him to come to Toronto because The Apprentice and Global had been good for each other.
He said it was an honour to be here and he would be happy to return.
"I love Canada, I've been here many, many times, it's a special place. It's got the most beautiful people and I really mean that, too, just great people.''
As he left the event some reporters tried to buttonhole him with questions but a bodyguard roughly the size of a refrigerator handily blocked them. But one question did get through.
"It's possible,'' he said when asked if any Canadians might be invited onto The Apprentice. "I think we would do that, absolutely.''
Instalment 4 of The Apprentice will air in the new season on Global along with Burnett's new spinoff show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.
The recent season of The Apprentice concluded May 19.


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