Thursday, February 10, 2005

The latest design for Donald Trump's glitzy 92-story condominium and hotel tower in downtown Chicago includes a feature the star of TV's "The Apprentice" tried to delete from the drawing board-- a 235-foot spire.
"I hated the look of it," Trump said while discussing the tower's design in October.
But Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who's known for his ornamental tastes, wanted the city's skyline to include a Trump tower spire and said so when he met with Trump in December.
"He said, 'I want a spire. It's important to the skyline,"' Trump spokeswoman Jill Cremer said of Daley.
Trump's latest design for the tower, which will be built on the grounds of the former Chicago Sun-Times building, has not been made public, but details have trickled out.
The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, which boasts 696-square-foot studios that start at $636,000, has a price tag of $750 million.
Trump said Wednesday he was ready to spend $3 million on the spire, which would make the building 1,360 feet tall.


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