Sunday, February 27, 2005

The line began to form at 11 p.m. Thursday, and it snaked all the way around the NBC 7/39 building by Friday. Some applicants waited for eight or more hours to get a chance to make their pitch to "The Apprentice" producers, and many were disappointed when the producers apparently stopped seeing applicants.
Contestants tried out for one of two shows: "The Apprentice" starring Martha Stewart and "The Apprentice" starring Donald Trump. In many cases, it was obvious by looking at the applicants who was trying out for which show, NBC 7/39 reported.
Trump hopefuls tended to dress more conservatively than Stewart hopefuls. One Stewart hopeful interviewed by NBC 7/39 came with her dog in tow, another with her knitting.
"It's everything I can do," said Jennie Doezie, a Stewart hopeful. "Everyone knows me as Martha Stewart. They all sent out an e-mail telling me to apply, so that's why I came down here."
"That's me," said Mike Vanderhoofven, another Martha Stewart applicant. "I like to cook and be the host, take care of the world. So, Martha appealed."
Not everyone standing in line was quite as enthusiastic for Stewart, however.
Trump hopeful Mauricio Orantes called Stewart a "barracuda," saying he would never try out for her show.
According to NBC 7/39's unscientific survey, the Martha Stewart hopefuls were greatly outnumbered by the Donald wannabes.


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